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Moonlit Night
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my thoughts.

i am so much more.

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rewilding with expressive arts therapy

Hello, Welcome. 
What magic. 
We've found one another. 


I work as an expressive arts therapist in training with people like you, on the journey of self-exploration and expansion.

Rewilding uses the approach of expressive arts therapy, an experiential therapy. Unlike traditional talk-therapy, experiential therapy involves using activities such as creative writing, dance, psychodrama, visual arts and music to embody new ways of relating to life's challenges. These sessions provide the supportive space and time to explore your inner-world and release that which is no longer serving you. 

We work together under the guiding principles:

"You are the expert on you"
"This is a space of non-judgement"
"All parts of you are welcome"
"Art is within us and everywhere"
"Play is healing!"

We so easily get lost in thoughts. Many of us repeat old and worn-out stories that keep us living in contracted states of negativity and pain. Expressive arts therapy is a path to realizing, "I am not my thoughts! I am so much more." 

In this approach we practice continually moving from the thinking mind into the sensing body to connect with and embrace our feelings as they are, unstoried.

I have experienced the transformative powers of expressive arts therapy in my own life and am dedicated to providing this experience to others. Additional tools I share in this work include mindfulness & meditation techniques, the rebalancing of yin & yang energies as understood through tantra yoga philosophy and Gabor Mate's approach of Compassionate Inquiry. 

What happens in each session is up to you. Each session is a reflection of your personal history, interests and longings. 

Who I work with: 

  • anyone interested in exploration through expressive art therapy 

  • anyone longing for inner-peace & reconnection with their unique spirit & voice 

  • people who recently left their job and are wanting to step into a new career path that ignites passion and joy

  • women seeking empowerment from their higher self in ending unhealthy relationships with Self and in romance

  • new mothers and fathers under stress and wanting balance between self-care and parenthood

  • children and teens navigating growth and identity challenges

  •  people facing media-addiction, depression & anxiety

First Session Free

60 Minutes Online

If money is stoping you from working with me
ask about sliding scale pricing option 

let's schedule your first free session

Profile Portrait

Connect with Self
through Creative Empowerment Tools

listen to your voice,
journal out your thoughts
play with
meditate with soul

...what lies ahead?

 Full attention, deep compassion, very high commitment and dedication characterize Helena's work. 

-Harry, Germany

An jedem Zeitpunkt spürte ich, dass es Helena wichtig war, eine gute Erfahrungfür mich zu schaffen.

Volle Aufmerksamkeit, tiefes Mitgefühl und sehr hoher Einsatz und Commitment zeichnen ihre Arbeit aus. 

-Harry, Germany

I am a practicing graduate student at the Expressive Arts Institute Berlin and European Graduate School. I am certified as an advanced expressive arts therapist facilitator and work with clients as a therapist in training. 

I represent the growing field of expressive arts therapists working to integrate alternative approaches to mental health into mainstream therapeutic practices. 

sometimes I look up... and the feeling comes back... i don't know who i am or what i'm doing here...
the doubt. the worry. meet me again.

then i remember the whisper...
the ever-present support of my heart... always there...
telling me exactly
  what i need to hear
and I come back
to trust again. 

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