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Believe in yourself again.

I specialize in fostering self-discovery and empowerment to help you rediscover your inner worth.

Overcome people-pleasing tendencies.

We'll practice compassionate dialogue within yourself promoting self-compassion and emotional balance.

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Let go of the constant pressure.

I assist individuals in letting go of underlying pressures of the world, promoting emotional release and personal growth.

Rise above past wounds.

We'll utilize creative tools for healing and emphasize the mind-body connection to rise above childhood wounds or external traumas, to help restore balance to your life.


Expressive Arts Therapy & Somatic Therapy for Children & Teens

By engaging in creative therapeutic activities children are empowered to better identify and regulate their emotions. 


I am experienced supporting teens through what can be some of the hardest developmental years. I help teens improve their self-esteem, manage anxiety, onset depression and lack of motivation. 


I work with teens both online and in-person in Barcelona. In-person sessions are booked via Therapy in Barcelona. 

Book your free 15minute discovery call to start the process whether you are interested in your teen having online or in-person sessions. 

Children 7+

I am experienced working with children  7+ to help learn how to better identify and work through their emotions. I also work with children facing bullying at school and difficulties in relocation. 


I work with children 7+  only in-person in Barcelona. I collaborate with Therapy in Barcelona to offer in-person sessions at a therapy office space in Xiample. 

Book your free 15minute discovery call to start the process whether you are interested in your teen having online or in-person sessions. 

What makes expressive arts therapy & somatic therapy especially effective for younger ages?

Non-verbal communication

It can be difficult for children to express their thoughts verbally. Engaging in expressive arts therapy allows them to express themselves in ways that may feel more natural and comfortable.  

Improve Self Confidence

As children see their ideas come to life and receive positive feedback, their self-confidence grows, empowering them to tackle challenges both in and out of the therapy setting.


Emotional Regulation

Expressive arts therapy provides a safe space for children to better understand the experience of big emotions and helps them develop coping mechanisms and emotional resilience.

Gain Lifelong Tools

Expressive arts  therapy encourages children to be present in the moment and to pay attention to their bodily sensations, thoughts, and emotions without judgment. Practicing mindfulness in this way can help children develop greater self-awareness,

***Please note in some cases I may not be the appropriate therapist to best serve your needs. I will support you in finding the right service for you in the following instances:


➢ If serious violence or threats of violence occur in a relationship you are in;

➢ If you are currently experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or have a history of serious harm inflicted

on yourself or another person;

➢ If you currently have a major untreated illness (schizophrenia, recurrent psychotic depression, or bipolar disorder);

➢ If there is active severe alcohol and/or drug addiction, including from the therapist’s perspective once you



***Diagnoses : I cannot provide you with diagnoses, psychological evaluations, reports or medication. However, I can support you with referrals to professionals who do.

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