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Helena Fierle 

B.A, M.A Advanced Practitioner Expressive Arts Therapy, YTT +400, Internal Family Systems (IFS) Informed

Originally from Asheville, NC in the United States, I caught the travel bug at a young age and spent most of my adulthood traveling and living abroad. I went to college in the Netherlands and did my Masters program in Berlin. In Fall 2023 I moved to Barcelona to work as a full time therapist. 


What made me want to become a therapist?

Growing up, I imagined myself involved in politics or human rights work. I quickly discovered it was not the outer world I wanted to focus on, but the inner-world.  

Reading Thich Nhat Hahn's Peace is Every Step for a class in college,  I discovered my passion for mental health and decided I would work to find peace within myself and help others do the same. 


But why expressive arts therapy & somatics? 

I love everything creative, my favorites are writing poetry, collaging and dance.  Art and practices like yoga and mindfulness that connect me to my body have always been my medicine. I grew up making art as a way to process my emotions and hold all my questions about who I am and why I am here. 

Being a therapist is my dream job! I love connecting with people on a deeper level and being part of their process of self-discovery. 

& Experience

B.A, Advanced Practitioner Expressive Arts Therapy, European Graduate School,  400hr Certified Yoga Teacher, Internal Family Systems (IFS) Informed, Nonviolence and Peace Reconciliation Trainer, Compassionate Inquiry Certification (Gabor Mate Method)

Therapy in Barcelona
Clinical Practicitioner
Barcelona, Spain

Pure Life
Wilderness Therapy Field Guide
Uvita, Costa Rica 

Sunflower Yoga 

Mental Health Teacher  & Advocate for Elementary Schools 
Berlin, Germany

Green Yoga
Yoga Teacher and Studio Support Manager
Berlin, Germany
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Rotary International
Awarded 2022 Global Grant Scholar 

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