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Go from low self-esteem to confidence and ease. 

Kristi, 44, USA

Helena has a warm, inviting presence that helps you feel safe right away. Along with being deeply compassionate, she also has an impressive, multifaceted skill set. I highly recommend her!!

Hi, I'm Helena. I'm happy you're here. I help people with low self-esteem.

Self-esteem underlies many of the challenges people face. It affects how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. It is often influenced by experiences in childhood and beliefs we downloaded at a young age such as, 'because I feel [shame, fear, desire ect.] that makes me a bad person.'  

I use a solution-oriented multi-modality approach to alleviate anxiety and transform self critical beliefs.

What does low self-esteem feel like?

  • saying or thinking negative things about yourself

  • avoiding challenges due to fear of failure 

  • feelings of sadness, depression, anger, anxiety, shame or worthlessness

  • believing others are better than you

  • blaming yourself for things that go wrong (even if they are out of your control)


Weekly Inspiration & Self-Care Tips

Personal messages to warm your week are on the way!

Helena Fierle, B.A, Certified YTT +400, Advanced Practitioner Expressive Arts Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS) Informed 

I share tools how to manage anxiety and improve self-esteem.  I support my clients get to where they want to be. 

Helena Therapy Headshot.png

Having helped numerous clients deal with past experiences and navigate the obstacles that come with low self-esteem, I'll support you using an approach that goes beyond just asking questions.


Using a creative mind-body approach, you'll gain insight into what you want and improve your relationship with yourself and others.

To take the first step book a free 15minute discovery call!

"I know I have more potential."

"Anxiety is interfering in my ability to try new things."


"I want to stop people pleasing."

"I'm having trouble sleeping, at night my mind floods with racing thoughts."

What does a session with me look like?

A creative mind-body approach to therapy integrates techniques from both traditional talk therapy and creative modalities to address mental and emotional issues while also engaging the body.

Through Expressive Arts and Somatic Therapy clients learn to observe their thoughts and bodily sensations without judgment. These approaches help foster a deeper connection between mind and body.

Through Internal Family Systems (IFS) clients strengthen the skill of identifying and engaging with different and often competing, aspects of themselves. This process greatly reduces internal conflicts and contributes positively to client's well-being.

Based on your interests in sessions we may incorporate forms of art such as writing, painting, drawing, sculpture, music and movement to facilitate self-expression and bring unprocessed emotions to surface.

Don't worry, you don't need to be "artsy" to do this kind of therapy!

Happy Girl

Working with Helena

Alexa, 28, Barcelona

"Helena helped me connect with my inner self, my creative side and my sensitive side. She gave me the space to explore and follow my intuition."

Harry, 24, Berlin

"Full attention, deep compassion and dedication characterize Helena's work "

Taylor, 34, USA

"Helena was very compassionate and understanding. I enjoyed exploring the more creative side of therapy."

Morgan, 27, Atlanta

"In my sessions with Helena I was able to find love and acceptance for undiscovered part of myself in such a playful way. She is so present, inquisitive and supporting. I recommend Helena to anyone craving inner child healing."

Ellie, 32, Girona

"Helena was very empathetic and kind. As it was my first session, she asked me several questions and got to know me a bit. I felt heard and safe. It was easy to book the appointment."

Noa, 27, Berlin

"I felt really comfortable in my first session with Helena. I think her holistic approach is gonna be a good fit for me and I'm excited to try out all the different modalities she offers."

Sara, 32, Amsterdam

"Helena helped me connect with my inner self, my creative side and my sensitive side. She gave me the space to explore and follow my intuition."

Marc, 23, England

"I loved the optional assignments in between sessions! I found them really helpful.

Weekly Inspiration & Self-Care Tips

Personal messages to warm your week are on the way!

Face life's challenges better eqipped

If you're interested in exploring yourself in a creative way, seeking change in your life, and ready to do the work, I'm ready to help.

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