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Yoga has rapidly expanded into the western world and become a space of transformation in many people's lives. It has also become just another thing you "should" do. 

In my classes we work on detaching from the voice of "shoulds" and offer ourselves to the practice of yoga as a source of joy and aliveness. For me, yoga is a spiritual practice and it doesn't matter how flexible you are. Yoga is about accessing your spirit through connection with your body and breath. What does yoga mean to you? 

I completed my yoga teacher trainings with Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga & Shamanism. In my classes you will be guided to a place of calm and clarity through yin and yang style yoga.


Yin is the feminine energy; it is receptive, slow & takes us deep within. In yin we work on expanding our connective tissues, essentially what keeps the body in its wholeness. 


Yang is the masculine; it is effortful, energising & takes us higher. In yang we engage with active breathwork connecting breath with movement.  

yoga in your life, life in your yoga


Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 11.31.54.png
Hand Shadow
Half Full Moon

what if there was....


NO  Wrong

and you were allowed to be exactly as you are

in this moment. 

the reality of being human is...

it ain't easy.

in my classes we embrace

the light and

the dark.

well... we try 


to  slow the heck down.

which in a world totally obsessed with doing... can

be a real bitch. 

then we feeEEEl

the body. 

the blood.

the skin.

the breath .

and the inner-critic...

yes. she is usually there too. 

then we fight back.


with pumping hearts, 


our awareness

with everything we are. 

and practice deep n'dirty embrace.

union with it all (a.k.a yoga.)


'cause it's time...  to LIVE

on a flow.

Mixed Media Design

invest in you. 
private sessions. 
go deep.


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